With the construction of Spring Grove Dam in Rosetta, the commercial farmers of the Mooi River Catchment were assured by the Department of water and Sanitation, that additional water storage would be built to compensate for the water that Springrove would remove from the catchment.

Now that Spring Grove is fully operational the farmers, with the assistance of the Development Agency, have been motivating for the establishment of the new dams. The farmers have spent in excess of R 8 m planning for the new dams which includes a two phased approach:

Phase 1. 2 Large Irrigation dams

Phase 2. 7 on-farm dams on Land Reform farms 

The 2 large dams, which will increase the irrigation of the area by 1 500 Ha, of which 30% will be for black owned farmers.

The significance of the project is quantified by the following considerations: 

  • Water security in drought years to all farmers along the Mooi River
  • Unlocking the 1500 Ha irrigated lands required to make the Agri-Park / Schools Nutrition Project a reality
  • 500 ha of those to newly irrigated lands for black farmers
  • 2300 sustainable jobs
  • Will contribute to the re-establishment of the 57 Land reform farms that are non-operational
  • Increase economic activity in terms of the up and down stream opportunities associated with these new lands (fertilizer, harvesting, irrigation equipment etc) all of which will be BBEEE supported

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