Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Won't Run Out

The need to depend on the environment for our energy supply, combined with developing technologies offers a unique opportunity for economic interventions that create jobs, save people money and reduce carbon emissions.

Globally the need to move away from fossil fuel energy is recognised as a priority given the rapid rise in global temperatures and the negative effects thereof, especially on the poorer and more vulnerable communities. In many developing countries the generation of local and even domestic energy is practiced widely (with more than 1 million domestic digesters providing families with cooking gas in India) but in South Africa for a number of reasons (of which cheap coal has historically been the most important and now Eskom’s need for revenue) we have lagged behind and on the African continent we are the highest per capita emitters of carbon (CO2) at 8.9 metric tons per capita. Egypt is 2.4, Zimbabwe 0.9, Zambia 0.3 and the UK 7.1 – we create more pollution per person than England!  

The Development Agency wishes to unlock the renewable energy opportunities specific to iMpendle in a manner that optimizes the benefits to the people of iMpendle. The opportunity is presented for iMpendle specifically due to the fact that the area has :

  • Limited economic activity besides agriculture
  • Strong and lengthly sunlight
  • Large tracts of fenced but not irrigated lands     

Further to that, iMpendle is one of the District Municipality’s most rural and economically suppressed municipality’s, whose economic activity and “connectedness“to the rest of the District’s other Municipality’s has a significant bearing on the possibility of a Metro status by the District.

The Agency has covered significant ground towards the establishment of a 200Ha Solar farm and private sector investment partners will be called for through the media as soon as the permission has been granted by the relevant authorities. This project will see to the creation of many jobs and provide a platform for collective ownership and beneficiation to the communities living in the area.

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